By Jeremy Sadler

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The I.T. Project – A satirical novel about a little I.T. Project and a big Ugly Company.

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(28 Chapters, 280 pages, 87500 words)

What the readers are saying:

“I snorted in the office within the first chapter – embarrassingly funny” – S

“Thoroughly enjoyed it – I laughed out loud a number of time and my wife said ‘ Oh you are reading Jeremy’s book'” – G

“I can’t recommend it enough! It’s hilarious and all of us IT people can relate to every line of it. ” – A

It’s all about the madness that surrounds I.T. project management in the 21st century. Why do many companies decide to combine diverse management methodologies, introduce complex and customised phasing rules and then have really expensive offsite meetings to discuss it all, while managing their investment with the skills of a Scrum Master.  Sound familiar? Is this why we all need to be “Agile”?

Effie Scopos is thrown into this world by chance and she collects a motley team of misfits around her as she navigates the confusion, subterfuge and downright lies that go into setting up and governing a modern I.T. Project.

In the process she uncovers a devious and corrupt plot to implode the iconic construction company she works for and sell off its worthless assets while ruining the working lives of all her friends. During the roller-coaster ride of twists and turns she also finds that truth, love and common sense are all you need – well almost! At least they seem more useful than a PowerPoint deck, a ‘stand-up’ wall and a bunch of architects.


Effie is an unassuming data entry temp., working on endless data clean-up projects in the HR department of a very large and successful construction company in Sydney, Australia. Through a chance meeting with the misogynistic bigot that is the CEO, a South African called Tony Skoensnuffel, she gets offered an opportunity to become a project manager. Tony thinks he is asking her to redecorate the reception area of the building (the kind of thing he thinks a girl would like to do), but once the I.T. Project Steering Committee get it into their system it soon becomes a huge transformational I.T. upgrade project impacting their core systems.

Effie is whirled along the journey trying to get to grips with the in-house company project methodology that is a contorted mixture of bits of Prince2 and Agile methods, plus a host of back-to-front and nonsensical processes that no-one understands or questions. She is told that training on the job is all that is required and so she meets up with Munro, a suave, calm and experienced young project manager. When asked if she knows of an available scrum coach she says “yes,” because she immediately thinks of her Uncle who used to coach rugby at the local school and was always talking about scrums and how character building they are. Before long he is recruited into her team as well as Zack, a technical genius who has never been promoted because nobody understands what he says – he is just not used to talking to people. However for Effie this is the least of her problems and  it seems quite a few people just keep turning up uninvited to her project meetings, including at one point,  twenty architects.

Effie seriously questions the validity of the project management methodology and in the process unwittingly invents her own – its called TACOS. More about this to come later, including its own website ….

In the meantime the company has discovered it has a huge cash crisis. The relatively new CFO has been struggling to keep it all together with a huge finance team that has seven legacy invoicing systems running simultaneously and a team that refuses to move with the times. Her investigations begin to show that some serious corruption and fraud are being perpetrated by Tony and other key executives where they are siphoning off all the money and planning to sell the shell of the company, which will leave it to crash while they walk away with millions.

As part of the project Effie begins to discover this terrible secret too and while her team, that is the ‘inner circle’, try to fend off the inevitable, it seems the project, the company and her career as a project manager is about to collapse. Unless someone has a solution – and everyone does seem to have a solution. Tony the CEO does, Munro the project manager does and even Courtney  the CFO does, but they are all enemies.

Who can bring it all together and save the company and all its staff?

It’s not that obvious but spoiler alert: its the cat!